Amber and Blood – Dragonlance Dark Disciple Book 3

Amber and Blood is the third novel in the Dragonlance: Dark Disciple series by author Margaret Weis. This is the last episode that Mina has learned the whole truth about herself and the terrible knowledge she has gained. The war is full of pitfalls many people want Mina to be their leader. Death Knight Krell wants to capture her, how will the war continue?

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Review 1: Amber and Blood audiobook by The Cheese

Margaret Weis Does it Again 👍

Almost all of Weiss’s books are solid & this one is no exception. Still, the 2nd in this “Mina Finds Herself” Trilogy (Amber & Iron) is probably the best. But I have no doubt most Dragonlace fans will approve.

NOTE: If you’re just now diving into the Dragonlance (DL) world don’t start here. Previous tentpole trilogies like (“Chronicles”, “The Chaos Wars”, & especially “War of the Souls”) are needed to set the scene & characters up that you’ll meet on this newer adventure.

Some DL spin-offs done by other writers are slow & don’t really portray the main characters properly, but stick to the core lore (& good audiobook narrators) & you can’t go wrong. This was my 22 DL book. Please keep them coming!

Review 2: Amber and Blood audiobook by Captain Howdy

interesting trilogy

all 3 books are well worth listening to but seems there needs to be another book or 3 following up on the 3 main characters. would have really liked to see what chemosh said meeting his former death knight. LOL enjoy the books now to find next Dragonlance audiobook to listen to.

Review 3: Amber and Blood audiobook by Christopher


Leslie was wonderful narrating this book. She made me like kenders even though I naturally distrust them and have to keep my eye on my pouches. The story was great, characters were deep and meaningful. I hope there’s another trilogy to continue from where this book ends.

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