And Justice There Is None – Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Mystery Novels Book 8

And Justice There Is None is the eighth mystery and horror novel in the Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James Mystery Novels series by author Deborah Crombie. The content of this book is about Gemma James adjusting to professional and personal changes, a future that is closely tied to Duncan Kincaid. Her responsibilities are put to the test when she is put in charge of a brutal murder. The lovely young wife of a wealthy antique dealer was found murdered on trendy Notting Hill. Gemma’s main investigation is Karl Arrowood, who has the strongest motive for killing his unfaithful wife. These cases are a wake-up call for Duncan: It’s too much like an unsolved murder, an antique dealer killed the same way.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- There are major changes in the lives of Gemma James and Duncan Kincaid. They are looking forward to having a baby together, moving into a big new house. Duncan’s son came to live with them and Gemma was promoted to Inspector.

Gemma’s first case was the murder of Dawn Arrowood, the beautiful young wife of rich antique dealer Karl. She is also the mistress of young antique dealer Alex Dunn and is six weeks pregnant. The case is progressing slowly as all of Gemma’s suspects have good alibi. Duncan uncovers a past murder that matches the same record. They need to find a connection between the two murders.

Crombie is one of those authors that does a good job of blending the personal and professional lives of the main characters.

02- The book deals with mystery and murder separately, a recurring theme of family throughout all stories, and the murders often come to Duncan and Gemma together.
This is the good book in the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James Mystery Novels series. Dawn Attwood, the beautiful pregnant wife of the wealthy London antiques dealer Karl was killed while driving to the Notting Hill house. All suspicion fell on Alex Dunn, a porcelain dealer whose stalls were in the nearby Portobello Market. The author built the characters really well. The relationship between the two MCs, Detective Inspector Gemma and Supt Duncan at the base of the story is fascinating. The book builds a nest together with their young sons. Sub-plots are interwoven with this story. We will not know who the killer is when we continue to follow the end of the story.

03- The characters are really interesting and the way the action moves especially appeals to us. The family story along with the murder mystery is also great. As they are investigating these murders, another, somewhat mysterious story is also unfolding from the family from Trinidad. This is also a turning point for the characters in the series, as Gemma is pregnant and her son Toby moves in with Duncan. Newly reunited son Kit, they have decided to become a family. I love this series, the latter seems to have more of an addition and less of a mystery.

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