As I Lay Dying – Full Audiobook By William Faulkner

William Faulkner is a phenomenal name in the American Literature world. He was a proud recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1949. The Sound and the Fury is the best and the most read work of the author. On top of that, Light in August is another novel, which became as much popular in its audio version as it was in the print. 

This American Literature classic was written way back in 930. It tells a compelling story of the bizarre journey of the Budren family to Jefferson. The journey was undertaken by the Budren family to bury Addie along with the wife and mother. The author William Faulkner in this novel creates a very unique scenario. He allows every member of the family to tell about their personal responses to the life of Addie. This also included Addie himself along with many others.

The audiobook introduced much later after the original print version managed to create a unique and completely refreshing experience for the listeners. It was awesomely narrated by a team of narrators that included Robertson Dean, Marc Cashman, Lina Patel and Lorna Raver. The listeners willingly approved the Southern accent of the readers as the emotion and tone was quite outstanding and with a lot of soul. However, a few of the artistic interpretations of the consciousness sections appeared to be somewhat distracting. But, nothing managed to take anything away from the story and its soul was intact throughout.

In this narration, you will be able to witness the originality of style, philosophical weight, humor, variety of characterization and tragic intensity all in one. It is something that you just cannot afford to miss.

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