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The 5 AM is a nonfictional book. It is a book based in management and leadership category of literary writing. The book is written by Robin Sharma. He is a Canadian writer and known for writing excellent inspirational, motivational and self-help books. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is his book which become immensely famous. Another good one from the author is The Leader Who Had No Title.

The narration of The 5 AM Club book is done by Adam Verner. It was done quite brilliantly in a neutral and professional tone used by the narrator. You will have fun listening to his voice in audiobook.

 Robin Sharma is an elite performer and a legendary leadership expert. In this book, the author introduced the lucrative The 5 AM Club concept which was actually formulated a couple of decades ago. It is all about having a revolutionary morning routine and following that has helped a good range of his clients all over the world. Such routine maximizes their productivity, bulletproof their complete serenity in the time of overwhelming complexity and also to activate their best health.

The 5 AM Club is believed to be a life changing guide which is crafted by a brilliant and an expert author in the field who spent more than 4 years writing it. You will find here the benefits of early rising and how it helps in accomplishing your goals and to produce epic results. It would definitely help you to upgrade the level of your happiness along with helpfulness and the great feeling of aliveness. The idea in this book is given through a very enchanting story of a couple of strangers who met an unusual tycoon. That tycoon agrees in becoming their secret mentor.

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