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Absolution Gap is the fourth science fiction book in the Revelation Space series by author Alastair Reynolds. The book’s content is about Inhibitors designed to eliminate any life form that reaches a certain level of intelligence – and they target the human race. Veteran Clavain and a group of refugees flee into hiding. Their leadership is faltering and their situation is becoming more desperate.

Their small colony just received an unexpected guest: an avenging angel with the power to lead humanity to safety – destroying its darkest enemy. She led them to a seemingly insignificant moon a few light years away, which was beginning to appear before Clavain. His companions that to defeat an enemy it may be necessary to forge an alliance with something much worse.

This is my fourth novel about Alastair Reynolds. I started with Apocalypse Space and followed the stories up to this final installment, Distance of Liberation. I chose Reynolds because I can’t wait for the next Expanse novel. The villains are all ugly and super mutilated so you have to despise them. The heroes are pretty blah. I never really felt like cheering for anyone.

The way Reynolds usually starts off with multiple storylines that end up meeting in the last quarter of the novel is fascinating and I think he puts the stories together very well.

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