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All Eyes on Us is a horror book about two teenagers who find their lives intertwined when an anonymous texter threatens to reveal their secrets and expose their lives.
AMANDA Is the daughter of a small-town social climber. Amanda Kelly is deeply invested in her boyfriend, real estate heir Carter Shaw. He’s kind, ambitious, the town’s golden boy – but he’s far from perfect. Because behind Amanda’s back, Carter also dated Rosalie.

Rosalie Bell is struggling to stay honest with herself and her girlfriend – while hiding her identity from her Christian fundamentalist parents. Her own safety was her top priority. But maintaining a frank relationship is killing her from the inside.

When an anonymous messenger tied Amanda and Rosalie in an attempt to take down Carter. The girls become collateral damage. The unlikely allies in a war to unmask their stalkers before the beginning of their lives.
The absolutely gripping story of how their one thing in common – boyfriend Carter – turns into a stalking case that intertwines their lives more and more. Frick invites us to join each of their different quests for happiness and identity and watch as these futures unravel in a thrilling storyline. A mystery I ultimately didn’t see coming and an incredibly insightful look into the struggles and triumphs of both feminism.

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