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Dune Messiah is a science-fiction novel written by American author Frank Herbert. This book is the second in his Dune series. Consider listening to Children of Dune if you’re interested in the series. Furthermore, you can check out Heretics of Dune written by the same author.

The book is jointly narrated by Scott Brick, Katherine Kellgren, Euan Morton, and Simon Vance. While it is not terrible, to say the least, it is nothing out of the ordinary. It would have been better to have just one talented narrator reading all the parts. This version causes too much confusion because no voice-actor does any single character.

The events of this book take place twelve years after the first book. Paul now rules as Emperor. He had accepted the role of messiah to the Fremen, thus he unleashed a jihad that conquered most of the universe. He is the most powerful ruler the world has ever seen, but even he can’t stop the overabundance of lethal religious sentiment that he helped spread. Although billions of people have died, Paul’s visions make it clear that this is not the worst fate possible. Knowing this, Paul is set on a path to get humanity back on the right track. He wants to avoid throwing away the fate of the people to destruction and stagnation. He will do this while he acts as the ruler of the empire.

For those who were expecting space battles, exploration of the universe, and menacing malefactors after reading the first book, this book will come as a disappointment. However, what this book lacks in action, it makes up for in plot-complexity. There is no doubt that this is a unique story as Paul tries to competently govern his domain.

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