Audiobook Online Free – Mosaic By Michael C. Grumley

Political and social infighting destroys the world. Rancor and growing hatred could engulf an entire nation. Ethical and economic conflict brings nations closer to war. A team that owns all the secrets. A single secret can bring the world back.

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Review 1: Mosaic audiobook by JenniferLOVESThrillers

So Good!

NO SPOILERS! I just love this series! The book was around 17 hours but it went by too fast. I can’t wait to hear the next one! Scott Brick is my favorite narrator and he brings so much to the performance.

If you haven’t listened to any of the the Breakthrough series, you definitely need to start with the first book.. Breakthrough

Review 2: Mosaic audiobook by Amazon Customer

Wondrous Tales

I was hooked after the first in book the series and have barely been able to wait for the next installment. Michael Grumley. is an exceptional story teller and Scott Brick is an excellent reader/performer. I have always loved the sea and computers and animals. I am a retired computer scientist, a naval veteran, a founding member of the Cousteau Society, and I truly love this series of storys. Not a single installment of the saga has let me down. I am anxiously awaiting…

Review 2: Mosaic audiobook by Judy Davis-Fuller

After waiting what seemed like a lifetime, but in actuality was really months, I received Book #5, Mosiac, which I just finished about an hour ago. I had to have a little time to process because there is so much running through my head right now. The fabulous storyline continued and certainly didn’t disappoint! I am so afraid of giving away any of the storylines that I am watching every word I’m writing because I certainly don’t want to spoil this for anyone who hasn’t yet read it. Yes, it is quite a bit longer than the other books in the series, YES, it is worth it! So many new doors have been opened and so much other dialogue has continued and been clarified. Now I am once again being held in suspense waiting for the next installment. For anyone who has not yet read the series, I suggest you start now so that when the next book comes out, you’ll be ready. Michael C. Grumley is one of the greatest writers of this time. He is one of the few writers who actually can paint pictures in your mind as you read. He doesn’t just tell a story, he makes the words come alive and for this reader, made me feel like I was right there. I wish I could give this entire series more stars than the allotted 5. I have become one of Mr. Grumley’s biggest fans and am once again on pins and needles waiting for the next book. Thank You Michael C. Grumley for your fabulous skills with the English language, dolphin speak (well you know what I mean) and enough factual information along with your limitless imagination for an amazing story. Now am once again in waiting mode!

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