Beastly Things – Commissario Brunetti Mysteries Book 21

Beastly Things is the 21st mystery and horror novel in the Commissario Brunetti Mysteries series by author Donna Leon. The book is about a man found in a canal, damaged by the tide, with no wallet and only a pair of shoes. There are no local reports of missing people, no way of the hotel disappearing. Where is the crime scene? How can Brunetti identify the man when he cannot show his face.

An autopsy revealed that the man had a rare, disfiguring condition. Brunetti toured shoe stores, and roamed the mainland in Mestre, outside his usual range. From a salesman, they learned that the man had a good relationship with animals. Animals and meat consumption are rapidly becoming problems in Venice Questura and Brunetti. Family mealtime conversation brings opportunities and conflicts into Italian life. With the help of Signorina Elettra, Brunetti and Vianello were able to identify the man and why someone wanted to die.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- The story deals with the mystery of Guido Brunetti. It speaks to the humor and variety of the characters, although they are not very well developed..
The book offers insight into our food chain. Everything is a business, sick and unhealthy animals enter the slaughterhouse and end up on our dinner tables. Brunetti’s approach to comfort and truth-seeking seems to be a personal procedure.
The book is relatively short and has relatively little action. You will enjoy with this good story content.

02 – I feel like Brunetti, Paola, kid Brunetti, Signorina Elettra, Vianello, impulsive Patta are all my friends. I love the beautiful world of Venice – for the tourist an exotic destination, a lovely and sad little town under the weight of a global reputation. The charm and bella vita of everyday Italian life is captured by Dona Leon while tirelessly portraying the modern-day troubles and corruption affecting the city, country and world.
Beastly Things takes its place among my favorite Leon/Brunetti novels.

03- This is around this time when Donna Leon is in Washington promoting her latest novel Brunetti. She saw the most unusual-looking man on the train, who had a rare disease called Madelung’s disease. Then she discovered someone she had known many years before. Inspiration comes from the man Madelung who will become her next murder victim, the style and personality of the former will tie into a major range and “Beastly Things”.
Brunetti looks new and has a weird body pulled out of the canal with three knife marks on his back and no identification. Rizzardi, the coroner, explained that this is the most interesting thing about being a rare state for men. After some time Brunetti and Vianello discovered who the victims were, he was not a Venic from the nearby town of Mestre. In the short term, their investigation will focus on a slaughterhouse and whatever happens there.

04- Dona Leon’s novel a reflection on the hero, a conversation with his wife Paola and partner Vianello and a delicate description of life in Venice. Brunetti finally received a computer and, after the Questura investigation, a man made it.

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