Before We Were Yours (Audiobook) A Novel by Lisa Wingate

Before We Were Yours is the type of book that will hold anyone spellbound from the beginning till the end. It is not really a good feeling to read about the abuse of the innocent. However, the author Lisa Wingate handled the story very well and made it a happy and fulfilling read in the end.

The storyline of this book balances the tragedy of the bad criminals with tenacity, resilience, courage, and strength of human nature.

The storyline is an entertaining one as it is well performed and constructed. The narration of a novel can either improve or mar the book.

But the narration of Catherine Taber and Emily Rankin did the former for this book. If you’ve read the book in hard copy, listening to it will make you feel more complete.   

Lisa Wingate is also the author of The Story Keeper and  Tending Roses, both of which passed a strong message just like this book.  

The two narrators represented their characters very well. But it seems Emily Ranking was more apt with her approach. Her narration was more emotional with better diction.

The fact that she narrated for the major characters makes it even better.  If you’ve not read the hard copy of the book, you will still enjoy the audio version because of the good narration. The story is an engrossing one. It is based on one of the most infamous real-life scandals in America.

Rill Foss, a twelve-year-old, lives a great life with her four younger siblings.  But when her father takes her mother to the hospital, they were adopted by strangers, who kept them very far away from their parents. Rill has to grow too fast to protect her sister and brother from the harsh uncertainty of live staring at them.

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