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Belabored is about Violation of the Rights of Pregnant Women by Lyz Lenz.

Belabored is an urgent call for us to trust women and let them choose what happens to their bodies.
Belabored is a passionate and unselfish defense of the autonomy, rights and dignity of those who are pregnant. Lenz shows how religious, historical and cultural myths about pregnancy have changed the way we treat pregnant people.

When our representatives enact legislation criminalizing abortion and miscarriage, when doctors prioritize the health of the fetus over the life of the pregnant patient in front of them. , when bartenders refuse to serve pregnant women clearly caffeine. She also reflects on her own experience carrying two children. The sacrifices required during pregnancy will continually create a cult of motherhood, where women are expected to play the narrow roles of “wife” and “mother” rather than us.

  • Belabored

  • A Vindication of the Rights of Pregnant Women
  • By: Lyz Lenz

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