Best Audiobook 2021 – Catch Me By Lisa Gardner

The famous novel Detective D. Warren is selling well in the New York Times, one of the horror works by author Lisa Gardner. Catch Me is the 6th installment in this popular series. The story is about a girl Charlene Grant who has a premonition that she is about to die. Over the years, her best friends were murdered. They all died on the same day, month and year.

Charlene is the last girl alive, she is counting time because she believes she will be murdered. Charlene learned many skills such as running, punching, and shooting. She asked Boston detective D. D. Warren to find out this complicated case.

Charlene believes she will be murdered within the last 4 days to January 21st. Detective Detective DD Warren has just been mother to her angel, she has to get back to work after giving birth 10 week. D. D. Warren researches more about the related cases before, she thinks that Charlene will not be in any danger. How terrifying Charlene’s secrets are affecting her life. 

Kirsten Potter’s narrative does not misread or interrupt, which makes this great book successful. The book has an interesting theme that makes the listener speculate and thrill. This is a good book that you will not lack in your bookcase

Detective D. D. Warren, Book 6

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