Best Audiobook 2021 – The King of Plagues By Jonathan Maberry

 The King of Plagues is the third major installment in the Joe Ledger novel series. It is an action and adventure novel. The author behind this beautiful novel and series is Jonathan Maberry. He has been quite instrumental with his fictional work in suspense and horror fiction as well. The author has impressed his fans the world over through different novels. If a couple of those are to be named then Patient Zero and Lost Roads would make a great choice.

The narration of this chapter is done by Ray Porter. He has been amazing throughout this series. His performance in The King of Plagues has been phenomenal with absolutely brilliant expression.

It was Saturday morning. A sudden blast with immense intensity rocked the entire London hospital. Thousands of people lost their lives and many got injured.

After an hour or so, Joe Ledger arrived at the blast scene for the investigation to start. The horror of that blast is absolutely unlike anything else that he has ever seen. He was shocked by the rage and grief seen there. He took his chargeback in the Department of Military Sciences. In just a few hours, he got attacked by a team of assassins.

In no time, Ledger along with the other members of the DMS started to uncover a resourceful and huge secret society. They were employing the weaponized types of the ten plagues of Egypt. They were looking to destabilize the global economy and then make a profit through the chaos.

The novel by Jonathan Maberry is quite absorbing and you will love it for the great writing and excellent characters created. A definite read for sure.

The Joe Ledger Novels Book 3

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