Best Audiobook 2021 – THE TARGET By David Baldacci

First author David Baldacci put Will Robie against the rest of the agency and then his fellow assassin who is the only one equal in skills got rogue. Both went to extreme limits to prove that they are loyal to their land more than anyone else. Global threats have been met with accuracy in The Innocent: A Novel and The Hit this job comes directly from the president.

The President of the United States wants to get rid of all the evil forces working on the land but it is not easy at all. If the mission fails then there would be more threats arousing for the people of the land. Secret agencies working undercover will launch more extreme missions against the US and there would be no stopping after that.

President also fears that there are some members in his cabinet that are secretly working for the dark organizations. Reel and Robie are thus on their own once the mission starts and if they get killed in the process the government will not take responsibility for any of their doings. The reel has been facing some personal issues and enemies because of which she is not one hundred percent still she signs for the mission as a do or die thing.

War begins with these two assassins trying to exterminate the entire underworld. The task is not easy but the government sends two of the best on the job which could be their last job as well. There was not much to narrate in detail by Ron McLary and Orlagh Cassidy because war dominated most of the scenes of this episode.

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