Best Audiobook 2021 – Tom Clancy Code of Honor By Marc Cameron

 Tom Clancy Code of Honor is the 19th chapter in A Jack Ryan Novel series. This part of the series is written by Marc Cameron, where the series originally belongs to Tom Clancy. The author is good when it comes to writing action and adventure, and Tom Clancy Code of Honor is one of them. A few other quality novels from Marc are Tom Clancy Shadow of the Dragon and Tom Clancy: Power and Empire.

The narration of the novel is done by Scott Brick. It is always great to learn when Scott Brick is narrating the novel. The experience of listeners in this novel was quite great as to how beautifully Scott Brick has narrated it.

Father Pat West was a close buddy of Jack Ryan when he was young. It was the time when both of them were undergraduate students at Boston College. Father West, later on, left a very lucrative job which was at Georgetown in the philosophy department. He left that luxurious and comfortable life to help the poor people in Indonesia. He has been arrested now. He is charged with blasphemy against Islam.

President Jack Ryan was desperate to rescue Father Pat West for him being his old friend. He was a good man too. But, Jack Ryan was helpless as he couldn’t do anything officially against the Indonesians. Rather, he took the help of the Campus team to find out who exactly is framing the priest.

The author Marc Cameron did a fantastic job in making this novel so exciting. You will find the plot to be very intense and the experience will be quite overwhelming for the listeners.

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