Bloody Mary – Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels Mysteries Book 2

Bloody Mary is the second book in the A Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Daniels Mystery series by author J. A. Konrath. This is a story with humor and suspense that readers will love. A psychopath with a unique condition he programmed to kill. Jack stops his personal life and plans to chase and catch this terrifying killer.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Bloody Mary – Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels Mysteries Book 2 audiobook by Kari

Good series but GRAPHIC violence.

This is book two in the Jack Daniels series and delves deeper into Jack’s personal life with the presence of her mother and her ex-husband who comes back to Chicago.

As with book one there is extreme graphic violence written in way more detail than is required so if you are squeamish I would stay away from this series.

Jack has a lot of personal ups and downs in this book and as a result is more emotional than in the previous book and yes she does break down and cry but in the context of the story there is good reason for her response so I don’t think she should be faulted for it. Cops are human too – I would be concerned if she wasn’t bothered by the sick things that the serial killer does and gets away with in parts of this book.

Review 2: Bloody Mary – Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels Mysteries Book 2 audiobook by Pam W

No complaints! It’s a great series

Jack Daniels and crew are such a great bunch, you never know who is going to pop in for their debut. This story has it’s elusive serial killer, identity appearing half way through the book, and Jack again becoming a target. She just gets under these guys skin for some reason.
The killer almost seems to be a side story for me, cause I just love the main cast of characters. Jack, Herb, Harry keep the story rolling with personal lives that are sometimes a hoot, and the next minute you’re feeling their pain.
Jack’s life seems to be a believable one, dedicated to her job, but wanting a personal life and things never seem to work out for her. When she does find happiness, a wrench always gets thrown in.
Intriguing characters, lots of suspense and action makes this series a winner.

Review 3: Bloody Mary – Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels Mysteries Book 2 audiobook by Jenocidal

So Great

The actors totally immersed me into another world. At times I swore they had a full crew acting the book out. Simply brilliant, as the book is brilliantly written as well. I highly recommend the full series of books and audio books.

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