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(Best Audiobook) Born a Crime by Trevor Noah – Best Audiobook English.  Born a crime is a perfect collection of stories from the childhood of a South African kid sharing the transformation of a person from poverty towards the glorious life. Though it is not a single wholesome novel but you will find many things that are much more familiar and similar to the real-life of a kid and especially an African kid.

The collection is originally written as well as narrated by Trevor Noah. He shares all challenges, the events and life-turning moments that made him the person he is today.

The collection is an inspiring set of stories from the real-life that let other people understand how a kid manages in the most savage conditions and get to his goals to change his life forever.

This book is number 1, New York Times, USAToday bestseller. As being a son of a Swiss father and a black Xhosa mother, he undergoes a lot of strict rules and regulations and is governed strictly by remaining indoors.

It is a story of an active and lively boy who wants to enjoy everything no matter who stops him. Whereas when he grows up, he is a total rebel. How he will be able to track down his rebellious attitude and how well he will find a way out is all that you will be listening in this book.

Due to the variable stories, you will never get bored while listening to it. You will be able to find new topics, new ventures and now upcoming whenever you start listening to another story in the book. You will be able to feel the agony and terror that Trevor as a kid has suffered from and the meaning behind every act and behavior that make them somewhat different from others.

It is no doubt a compelling unforgettable memoir for those who want to listen o a mix of stories for inspirational purposes.

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