Born in Fire | Series: Fire and Ice Book 1 by K.F. Breene

Born in Fire is an urban fantasy and paranormal fantasy novel penned by K. F. Breene as the 1st book of the Fire and Ice series and also the 1st of Demon Days, Vampire Nights series. It is followed by Raised in Fire. Breene is a renowned and bestselling author whose books have sold more than 4 million books worldwide. You can also check out Magical Midlife Madness written by her.

The narrator Nicole Poole is adequate in this audiobook. She could have portrayed Reagan a bit better.

Reagan is a supernatural Bounty Hunter, and this isn’t something that you see on LinkedIn. With a rare type of magic that she is blessed with, she isn’t left with many options. Even though her job is quite dangerous, she has to do it.

Everything was going fine, until an old and beat-up vampire comes in and steals her mark. As a result of this, he stole her payday. Knowing how poor and needy she is, he offers her a job. She has to compromise and go along with him on a top-secret case, working by his side.

Everyone knows that vampires are not to be trusted, especially a hot, elder, and experienced vampire like him. However, there are no other jobs and Reagan is stuck. However, as she uncovers a web of treachery and lies, she discovers an enemy that didn’t know existed. Now, the truth of her identity is threatened and she may make it out alive just to end up in a cage.

This is the start of another amazing series by the author featuring an interesting, supernatural, and snarky heroine. You can’t help but root for Reagan.

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