Bug Hunt – Argonauts Book 1

Bug Hunt is the first action book in the Argonauts series by author Isaac Hooke. Is it easy to set up an interstellar security consulting company? Rade gathered his old comrades together and pooled his savings to buy a ship and six mechs, the Argonauts were born from. Bankers are hanging themselves, vengeful warlords pursue them across the galaxy. A mysterious new client wants Rade and his Argonauts to escort her to a frontier planet.

The new customer will not reveal her merchandise. Rade needs money, so a man has to do what a man needs to do. The frontier colony was eerily deserted. The Argonauts face the possibility of an alien invasion. If there’s one thing Rade and his Argonauts really love, it’s a good bug hunt. Isaac Hooke is a USA Today best-selling author.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- A sci-fi military action story about a group of veterans turned mercenaries encountering an abandoned planet and the threat of bugs. The opening scene features Rade and his crew rescuing a series of companions, slave girls, from a yakuza crime boss; I’m sure I’ll be attacked Firefly meets Golden Aliens.

02- Bug Hunt has a good storyline and special characters like Rade, Tahoe and Shaw. Rade is the leader of a group of security consultants. Rade is having some financial problems and can’t seem to get the emergency money out of his bank. They decide to take on a client willing to pay a large sum of cash, which Rade hopes will save him the trouble. They discover that their quest could, in fact, get them all killed. Readers who love big monsters can absolutely read this Bug Hunt book.

03- This is the author’s book with interesting experiences. Fade and his crew of assholes have been on a galactic adventure with character development that keeps you interested in the story.

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