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By Tooth and Claw is a fantasy novel Clan of the Claw written by Mercedes Lackey, Cody Martin, S. M. Stirling, Eric Flint, Jody Lynn Nye. New York Times best-selling author.

After the extinct asteroid didn’t hit Earth, dinosaurs continued to evolve – but so did mammals.
Our mammals have acquired a human-like form, but now it is a cold-blooded reptile, using magic against the hot-blooded, hot-tempered descendant of the feline.
In a heroic Bronze Age world similar to the year 300, House Mrem expands their troubled and troubled territory, but now they must face Lishkash, the reptilian masters of an empire Cold-blooded empire consisting of an army of slaves and magic.
It is the courage and adaptation of mammals against the cunning of the reptiles in the clash of steel and the will that determines who will inherit the Earth.


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