Chain Saw Confidential

Chain Saw Confidential, with audiences and critics alike feeling cult and controversial, it’s the most notorious horror film in the world. The film, which was shown at Cannes, briefly banned in the UK, is included in the MoMA New York collection. Author Hansen tells the true story of the film, exposes the myth, invites you to watch this good horror movie.

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Review 1: Chain Saw Confidential audiobook by Susie

Leatherface Speaks

The urban legends that swirl around the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre, that it was based on real events; that there were violent, drug-fueled orgies on set; that it was a “snuff” film; are far nuttier than the real deal. And yet—even the most outlandish rumors have kernels of truth in them.

Gunnar Hansen sets out to give us the real dope—and an eye-opening lesson in film-making along the way.

It’s just as juicy and pop-cult-crazed as it sounds—the heightened tension on the set, the unending brutal heat, blown takes, and the pot brownies, everyone just barely holding it together—it gets a little visceral.

Not to mention the horrific truth about the radical financial and physical exploitation of the cast and crew.

Chain Saw Confidential, is a remarkable film history document, that covers everything from scene-to-scene breakdowns, to the philosophical and aesthetic debates over the nature of horror itself.

Gunnar Hansen himself reads his work with aplomb.

Review 2: Chain Saw Confidential audiobook by Skye

The Only True Story of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Gunnar Hansen’s book provides an intriguing insight into arguably the world’s most controversial horror film. He dispels all the rumors and sheds light on how the mystique of the film garnered it the reputation it still has to this day.
His narration is excellent and engaging. How could this mild-mannered writer go on to be such a notorious film icon? I really enjoyed his retelling of the events surrounding the film but also liked his personal background and stories of the hardships everyone faced personally and monetarily. For a film that seemed so real, this book’s brutal truth hits even harder.
I recommend this wholeheartedly to anyone interested in not just horror but films themselves as it’s an eye opening look into how a $3,000 budget stretched to international acclaim and infamy. RIP Gunnar Hansen.

Review 3: Chain Saw Confidential audiobook by Irish in LA

Surprisingly great book, read thoughtfully

Gunnar Hansen is a poet & English professor who also happens to be Leatherface. Recommended for fans of the movie, anyone interested in low budget filmmaking, and people interested in the philosophy of horror.

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