Chasing the Dragon (Full Audiobook) By Jason Anspach & Nick Cole

 Jason Anspach and Nick Pole’s pair amazed the audience in the first story Requiem for Medusa that the two knitted about Tyrus Rech. Tyrus is the man on whom the forces in the galaxy can depend if they want to get the job done. No matter how hard the job is and how tough the enemy is Tyrus never returns empty handed. He has captured rogue aliens and has avenged his colleagues against the accursed enemies; this particular job is the toughest he has even got. It’s Dragon that the whole galaxy wants, first it was their need to have contact with the man who is like a battling ram. 

Now when he has all the knowledge about the evil doings and has the secrets which the forces in the entire galaxy want to bury they want the Dragon dead. Killing and capturing the Dragon is impossible, but now Tyrus gets the contract of the hero of the kind we observed in Galaxy’s Edge Part VI: Takeover. However the contract is of a strange sort: he is not out there to kill the guy he wants him for the secrets that are buried in his heart.

 The task is not easy and the Dragon also kills whoever comes close to him, it is a whole new game for both the legends of the galaxy and surely hell will unleash when the two collide. Ray Porter is moving in the narration section, there are just two words for the narrator that can explain the potential i.e calm and composed. Porter is like a man on a mission keeping things arranged and keeping a strict eye on the progress of the story and the development of the scenes.


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