Cold Fire By Dean Koontz

Cold Fire is a literary fiction book by author Dean Koontz. The content of the book is about Reporter Holly Thorne intrigued by Jim Ironheart, who has saved 12 lives in the past three months.
Holly wants to know what force drives him. Why do scary images of a spinning windmill haunt his dreams? His meaning as he whispered in his sleep that the enemy would kill everyone was coming.

This story is about a man who is motivated to save some people through an inexplicable psychic communication. He gave up everything to follow what he thought was communication with the God he knew. A reporter is at the scene of one of his rescues. She tried to interview him but got nothing substantial. She spends her vacation time investigating about him and how he knows where to go and who to save. Their lives are intertwined and she pushes him to investigate psychic contacts and why they choose certain people over others. The answer was a surprise to both of them.

Dean Koontz is a master transfer narrator with a compelling story and plenty of mystery. His characters are full of life. His fast-paced plots are bizarre, taking unexpected turns.

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