Deep, Dark (Audiobook Streaming Online Free) By Jonathan Maberry

 Deep, Dark is another exclusive short story in the Joe Ledger novel series. It is written by Jonathan Maberry who is known for presenting the audience with some amazing mystery thrillers. Suspense is something that you will find in the majority of his novels. The trilogy of short novels after the grand opening chapter worked quite well for the author. The audience got deeply involved with the plot and loved the character of Joe Ledger. It also helped in laying a solid foundation for the upcoming full-fledged chapter of the series. Rage: A Joe Ledger and Rogue Team International Novel and Patient Zero are full fledge long novels from Jonathan Maberry that deserves to be read.

Ray Porter stays as the unanimous choice for narrating every chapter in the Joe Ledger series so far. The performance of the narrator has been excellent. You will be thoroughly entertained with the soulful voice of Porter.

The Deep, Dark short story is the prequel to the fascinating upcoming novel by the title of The Dragon Factory.

Before the time when Joe Ledger, the Baltimore cop goes against the competing groups of the genetics, he must battle another enemy. The groups of genetics were all looking to go further with the master race program. The program will be a part of the Dragon Factory. The other enemy that Joe Ledger needs to fight is through the humans as test objects for supporting all his sinister plans.

Deep Dark is chapter 1.3 of the Joe Ledger series. It lasts less than an hour in audio format and you will be blown away with the plotline. It is amazing.

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