Dimension X – Time and Time Again

Dimension X – Time and Time Again is a book by author H. Beam Piper. Dimension X is a short story about an adventure in time and space told in the future. A wounded soldier H. Beam Piper goes back in time to the past with what mysteries, invite readers to listen.

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Review 1: Dimension X – Time and Time Again audiobook by Jeff Lyon

Differences in the Available Versions

This story is an old favorite of mine; there are three versions of this story available on Audible.

The version narrated by Jim Roberts is the audio book of the actual story.

The other two versions, Dimension X (this one) and X Minus One are radio dramatizations of an adaptation by Ernest Kinoy and depart significantly from the original.

This version, Dimension X, broadcast in 1951 is okay, but I found the voice acting in X Minus One slightly better.

Review 2: Dimension X – Time and Time Again audiobook by Peter

Excellent short story

I like all of the “Dimension X” series, but this is one of my all time favorites. My kids even enjoyed it and wanted more.

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