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Donald Trump v. The United States is the author’s book Michael S. Schmidt.
Donald Trump sues USA tells the dramatic story of people who feel compelled to confront and try to contain the most powerful man in the world as he breaks the rules and seeks to expand his power. . Michael S. Schmidt chronicles them and chronicles the clash between an increasingly emboldened president and those around him, who find themselves trying to thwart the president they’ve pledged to serve. Is he acting in the interests of his country, his ego, his family business or Russia. Through their eyes and ears, we observe an epic struggle.

Based on confidential FBI and White House documents and confidential sources inside federal law enforcement and the West Wing, Donald Trump sues the United States as key reporting from a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter recorded the shocking reality of a presidency like no other. It is a remarkable contemporary history and a lasting account of how fragile and vulnerable the institutions of American democracy really are.

  • Donald Trump v. The United States

  • Inside the Struggle to Stop a President
  • By: Michael S. Schmidt

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