Double Cross

Double Cross is the 13th book in the Alex Cross series by author James Patterson. After Alex Cross’s life returns to normal with patients and therapy sessions, he returns to capture the criminal mastermind like no other. A complicated murder in Washington, D.C. complex, he investigates this case.

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Review 1: Double Cross Audiobook by Jenna

A good listen

This was my first audio novel from James Patterson, but certainly not my first taste of Alex Cross. I have read all his novels to date and found this one to be comparable. I do prefer the novels that do not include a girlfriend in Alex’s life. I had to roll my eyes at the uneccessary detail in sex scenes and ridiculously placed comments about how sexy Bri was. The narrarator did a terrible job with her voice also. I think I would have prefered this book in paperback format. The storyline was fine and the characters in typical Patterson style. Enjoyable by any standard.

Review 2: Double Cross Audiobook by Camisha

Loved it!!

I have read some of the reviews and honestly I don’t know how you can’t really enjoy this book!!!Alex Cross is the man!!! I was into the story from the beginning and held on until the end…Pattersons descriptions always paint such graphic pictures from locations to characters and their mannerisms. I think this is a great read. I loved the narraters and can’t wait for the new Alex Cross novel!

Review 3: Double Cross Audiobook by Mike Fickling


In this, the thirteenth installment for super-cop Alex Cross, he finds himself once again returning to the streets to catch a diabolical duo of killers. Pursuing a genius serial killer who thrives on killing his victims in front of the largest crowds he can muster, Cross has his hands full. Known as the “Audience Killer,” he delights in murdering famous people in broad daylight and on live television. He posts streaming video on the Internet, all the while taunting and threatening to make Cross his ultimate victim.

As if this is not enough to keep Cross and his partner Bree Stone busy, former colleague and friend Kyle Craig performs a dramatic prison break and is bent on exacting his revenge on Cross for putting him in maximum security prison for four long years.

Craig and the Audience Killer are destined to team up and make life short and miserable for the retired detective.The action is fast-paced and the suspense is palpable in this high-tech crime thriller.

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