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Dragonfire is a literary fiction book in the Alex Hawke series by author Ted Bell.
Alex Hawke, English lord and gentleman spy, is searching for the queen’s missing grandson.

China’s new ambassador to the United States, Tiger Tang, meets with President Roosevelt the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor. For the next four years, China and the United States will be wartime allies, but the charming, savvy ambassador may be playing a trick of his own.

Alex Hawke is recovering from serious injuries sustained during his battle with an evil foe. He is interrupted by a desperate call from the queen. Her favorite grandchild disappeared in the Bahamas. Lord Hawke is the only man she trusts with this sensitive mission. She learns that the young prince was last seen at the exclusive Dragonfire nightclub owned by the nefarious Tang brothers, grandson of Ambassador Tiger Tang.

  • Dragonfire

  • An Alex Hawke Novel, Book 11
  • By: Ted Bell


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