The Hero of Ages

The Hero of Ages novel builds up well and that too with the same level of interest, where the author, Brandon Sanderson left at the prequel of this book. The sharp writing skills and the ability to create massive scenarios in the novel are the best characteristics of Brandon as an author. Michael Kramer with his ever loving voice is inspirational once again and proves to be a strong point in the success of this audio book.

Lord Ruler got killed by Vin for is cruelty and in order to bring the Final Empire to its conclusion and finally restoring the freedom. However, as a consequence of this, the most lethal form of the mists makes its way back to the scene. This Deepness comes along with some immensely heavy ashfalls and unimaginable strong earthquakes. The humanity was at risk in such a situation and doomed as well under the prevailing scenario.

The Emperor Elend after escaping the death at the climax of the last chapter is full of hope here to find some definite clues left behind by the Lord Ruler. Those clues would actually help the Emperor to save the world. Vin was feeling guilty for mistakenly releasing Ruin, the one with the mystic force. Ruin was the next threat to end the world.

The Alloy of Law is another powerful novel from Brandon Sanderson, which is equally popular as much as any other novel by the author. Then his Shadow of Self novel also had some impressive reviews from the critics and the followers of author as well. Both these recommended science fiction fantasy novels are from the Mistborn series of the author.

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