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Dungeon Duel is the fifth book in The Rogue Dungeon series by author James Hunter, eden Hudson.
Roark von Graf fought his way from the bottom up to not only become Lord of the dungeons of the Cruel Citadel, but also the leader of the Troll Nation.

But Lowen, the Tyrant King’s right-hand man, found a way to attack players in alliance with the Roark IRL, besieging the company that kept Hearthworld’s servers running, and capturing the very Devs who could separate Roark. each byte.

To stop Lowen; Roark will have to bring the game’s spells into the real world, harnessing deadly new technologies, and building dungeons in places no Dungeon Lord has ever gone before.

The duel between the Dungeon lords has begun. And one of them won’t let Hearthworld exist….

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