Edgedancer From the Stormlight Archive

Surely the series is not ending at this part but still the book is a must have item if someone is a fan of the whole series and is going step by step through all the parts. Brandon Sanderson makes a clear picture of his world in the mind of the listeners and that is always the toughest part the rest is a smooth flow. The world of stones and storms was really full of surprises when the story entered in it and then along with Lia’s life it became more complex. Here is another girl with awesome powers and moreover she does not age at all.

She wanted to live a life enjoying her youth and her magical powers as well. The goddess granted her the wish and she too enjoys its fulfillment but now something bad has befallen on the kingdom and only she can do the impossible. But for this she has to sacrifice what she really cares about i.e her youth and the precious life. Kate Reading’s narration goes smooth and she has used her full energy to depict this energetic character that is bound to sacrifice anything for the people that she thought she never loved.

 Yeddaw the place where she lived all her life was without heroes all the time and now she thinks that it is time for her to emerge like one for them. Better portrayed than Words of Radiance especially the war scenes and the youthful charms of the characters really appeal to the mind. Also there are now proper hints that the series will surely end in a big way and the wars would be epic. 

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