Ego Is the Enemy

Ego Is the Enemy is a history book filled with the stories of geniuses with haunting visions who remade the world in their own image with sheer force, the history of creating individuals who always win. fight with their ego, set lofty goals and want to be recognized.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Ego Is the Enemy audiobook by Enyo89

Worth reading

I honestly feel sad for anybody who passed up on this audio book, based on the previous negative review. This guy accomplished more in his life than most people ever will. He’s qualified to talk about ego. This recording changed my life. Read.

Review 2: Ego Is the Enemy audiobook by Jefferson Lam

Good content, tedious performance

What did you love best about Ego Is the Enemy?

The book has a great message that everyone ought to hear, especially since we live in a world with social media and the power to craft your self-image and story. It’s helped me out a lot in the way I view myself, and I’ve already noticed things about my behavior I could change to keep my ego under control.

What insight do you think you’ll apply from Ego Is the Enemy?

Unfortunately the performance is incredibly dull and unprofessional. He mumbles, he speaks too quickly, he’s monotone, and overall he sounds like a robot reciting words on a page rather than trying to tell a story. This is a prime example of how to not narrate an audiobook. Halfway through I was dying to just get to the end because I didn’t want to listen to his boring voice anymore. The sad thing is that in the closing interview portion with Tim Ferris, you can hear Ryan Holiday speak with a natural conversational tone and a sense of fervor that isn’t present in his audiobook performance. Ryan Holiday, if you’re reading this, the next time you narrate an audiobook, try reading it as though you’re speaking to a friend.

Any additional comments?

I think I’ll pick up a copy of the book because I did enjoy the content, and it’s enough to save this audiobook.

Review 3: Ego Is the Enemy audiobook by Tim

belief in the indestructible self is destructive

this book provides an amazing array of anecdotes and advice for pushing ego aside in favor of a dispassionate view of reality. our society parts us on the back so much that we all believe we are the best, and we kill ourselves getting to prove it. instead, take a step back and realize how much you still need to grow, and take the time to do the growing.

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