Failure Is an Option

Failure Is an Option is a fun and entertaining memoir about the shared failures of voice actor and comedian H. Jon Benjamin. After difficult times of failure in work and life, he also succeeded with the roles of Archer and Bob’s Burgers. We invite you to follow along with the development of this wonderful book.

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Review 1: Failure Is an Option audiobook by Michelle

No joke, This book helped my marriage

I’m way to hard on myself and my failures, which is why I decided to listen to this book. I thought if I could hear how a person who’s, by all rights, “made it” can be casual about failure, then I could be too. What the book did, was allowed me to think back to some of my failures and be ok with them. Besides, failure is a set closer to success … that if, if you keep going, which Jon often didn’t … but that’s not the point.

It also gave me a great amount of insight about my husband, who focuses on his own failures, and has described the many times in his life when he’s been paralyzed by failure, or the possibility of failure. I hugged him often while finishing a listening session and gained a new level of love and awe for his ability to succeed even when the fear of failure paralyzed him so.

This book was funny, and fun to listen to, and honestly it’s made all the better by Jon actually reading it to you.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh about themselves, while laughing at someone else.

Review 2: Failure Is an Option audiobook by Jonathan

Super funny…

…I just wish it were longer. Any fan of Jon’s work should get a kick out of his attempted memoir; I don’t think I’ve ever laughed out loud this many times while listening to an audiobook. Hopefully he attempts a follow up!

Review 3: Failure Is an Option audiobook by Tanya

Everything I expected and more

With all it’s rambling filler this book is wonderful. The comedy within is all I hoped for. Well done!

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