Free Audiobook Romancing Mister Bridgerton – Bridgertons Book 4 By Julia Quinn

Romancing Master Bridgerton is the fourth book in the Bridgerton series written by Julia Quinn. She is a renowned writer of historical romance novels and this series is one of her best works. If you want to read more from the author, consider On the Way to the Wedding. Also, check out It’s in the Kiss if you’re interested in such books.

One can’t expect anyone other than Rosalyn Landor to do the narration of these books at this point. She has done a solid job before and that continues with this book. The author and the voice-actor seem like a match made in heaven.

Everyone knows about Colin Bridgerton that he is the most charming man in town. Penelope Featherington has adored him for what seems like an eternity. He is after all the brother of her best friend. She thinks she knows everything about the man, watching him from afar for half a lifetime. Everything changes when she stumbles upon his dark secrets. Then, she starts wondering, fearfully whether she knew him at all.

Colin is tired of being thought of as a mindless charmer. He also can’t control his temper regarding the column of Lady Whistledown which seems to always mention his name in the first paragraph. However, when he returns to London, he discovers that nothing is as it used to be. Even the girl of his dreams – Penelope seems to be hiding her secrets. Now, he must decide, whether she is the one for him or not.

You would be slightly disappointed with the characters in this one, but that is a given since they are made to be realistic. They have their flaws. Thus, they may not satisfy our lofty standards. Other than that, the book is fantastic.

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