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Caraval is the first volume of a series with exactly the same title, Caraval. The book is a teen fictional novel which is written by Stephanie Garber. She is an American novelist. Her area of expertise in literary writing is young adult fiction. The writing style of the author is quite impressive and you must experience that in her Legendary novel. Finale is also an equally good literary fictional writing piece by the author which you must attempt in your next available literary sitting,

The narration of this audiobook is done by Rebecca Soler. The feedback that the narrator received was kind of mix as it had both the good and bad things. The author at times, especially during the unnecessarily stretched parts of the book seemed flat while she was good otherwise.

Scarlett is the one known for never have left the small island ever where she lived along with Tella, her sister and her immensely cruel father. The father of Scarlett has now arranged her wedding. Scarlett now thinks that her dream of seeing the Caraval are just about to get over. Caraval was an exciting once a year performance where a lot of audience used to participate in the show.

But, luckily or Scarlett, her invitation for Caraval tis time arrived. Tella was able to whisk away Scarlett to the Caraval show which also comes with the support of a mysterious sailor. As soon as they arrived at the venue, Tella gets kidnapped by the mastermind organizer of Caraval who was known as Legend.

The book is a bit overwritten and you may find stock characters in it as well. The experience was not so much enjoyable for the audience especially when the book was also not narrated that well.

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