(Free Full Audiobook) Never Split the Difference By Chris Voss

Autobiographical in the beginning then later stages reveal the true motive or theme of the book which is impressive no doubt. One listening to it from the beginning in the voice of Michael Kramer never expects such type of a conclusion. Chris Voss’ work is narrated perfectly by Michael Kramer, the man is famous for narrating thrillers and mysteries and this one was not different. 

Chris spent all his life as a negotiator, he was not an ordinary negotiator rather he was “The Negotiator” for the FBI in the real world. Whether it was a hostage situation or a suicide attempt Chris was there on the job trying to bridge a bond between the criminal and the authorities. He tried to curtail the bloodshed as much as possible and though in his job he became a clever psychologist too but he never ignored his one dominant ability i.e the readiness in decision making. Now after retirement Chris tries to apply his skills and experience in everyday life and thinks that his skills are equally helpful in everyday life. 

The message thus that the book presents is the power of negotiation in our life whether it is the sale or purchase of any article or an application of a job. Negotiation can make our life a lot easier and things can be settled down according to our will and demand all it takes is just a little discussion with a solid reasoning. Lastly during discussion we should be serious about it as if it is the matter of life and death for us, we should feel what Chris used to feel at the time of saving a hostage through table talk.   


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