(Free Full Audiobook) The Name of the Wind – Kingkiller Chronicle Book 1 By Patrick Rothfuss

Fantasy untold gets itself added in literature with Patrick Rothfuss latest creation that has an appeal for the fans of almost all ages and gender. Kvothe starts his tale in a narrative form and the narrator Nick Podehl constantly narrates in a way as if Kvothe is talking to us. The man has done all whether it was good or bad and yet to find the true purpose of his life. Enjoying the love of women that every man wants is not new for him and neither he has any lust remained in him for that thing. 

Getting closer to the super powers like the gods have been accomplished and it’s a thing of the past for this superhuman. Also as a warrior he has brought down hell on Trebon and by the thoughts it is evident that he repents on that particular deed more than anything else. Unlikely, the hero is thus not in the search of a new mission; rather he is in search of redemption that he can get by doing good deeds but looking for good deeds could also mean looking for trouble. 

Hollow at the core he wanders in different lands and steps further without any worry of his fate, he has been unlucky from his university time when he got a kick from the institute. People have not been friendly with the freak like man that now wanders aimless. If this book is taken as an individual item and The Wise Man’s Fear and The Slow Regard of Silent Things are ignored then it will provide nothing more than a sad song. The whole trilogy can only be enjoyed when listened to in complete sequence.


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