(Free Full Audiobook) The Terminal List By Jack Carr

Word thriller at the title does not describe the whole picture of the novel; the book has action, sentiments and zeal to take revenge from the enemy. Officers in forces usually don’t spend time with their families and thus their team becomes their family. In the field or on a holiday and even on dinner tables the team is there and thus it becomes dear because it is the only one that remains near an army officer.

James Reece also the same kind of an officer thought that his team was everything for him and then in a single mission all of his team members were slaughtered. His mates were not ordinary men; they were soldiers of extreme talent and knew fully to defend themselves.

Still the ambush was so well planned that the planted rescue operators never got a chance to save even their own lives. Reece survived the deadly blow but he knew that the enemy would not rest until he was terminated.

Launching an investigation of his own it is soon revealed to Reece that a few members of his own government were a part of all this. The ex-soldier thus takes the enemy one by one in his own way i.e leaving no trace of the crime behind. Savage Son and True Believer are the first two books that come to mind after listening to this one. Not because these books too have Jack Carr in the author’s seat but because of the scenes that very much resemble in different circumstances.

The legend Ray Porter is of course unobjectionable in the narration, it has been over a decade since no one has objected to Porter’s narration.


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