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You is a genre fiction novel. It is the opening volume of series with the title of You. The author of this book is Caroline Kepnes. She is an American author, screenwriter and ex-entertainment reporter. The subject novel and the series, You is among her best known work. Her other promising novels include Providence and Hidden Bodies.

The book is narrated by Santino Fontana. It was a very solid narration that managed to bring the characters of this story to life. The voice of Santino will transport you in the zone where those characters live their life.

How far one could go for having a perfect love? A dark obsession of a young man with a gorgeous, mysterious writer takes things to fatal consequences.

When Guinevere Beck, a recent Brown graduate and an aspiring writer goes to a bookstore where Joe works then he got smitten instantly. Beck has got almost everything that Joe has ever looked for in a person. She was tough, gorgeous and sexy well beyond his dreams.

Joe wanted her badly and he wouldn’t stop at anything for doing so. As she started to insinuate himself in her life including her email, phone and friendships then she would not be able to resist her feelings for a man who seems to be custom made for her. Therefore Joe and beck get into a tumultuous affair after Benji, Beck’s boyfriend disappeared mysteriously.

This one is a great book and close to the writing styles of some of the greats in the literary fraternity. You will not be able to catch any flaw in this book. It is just perfect and it will push you to listen it again and again.

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