(Free Online Audiobook) 1 Night Stand – Love Sisters Series

1 Night Stand is the book of the Fiction in Love Sister Series by Amaleka McCall. The content of the book refers to Sista Love is a girl group at the top of the rankings, reputation, property and failure. Harmony, Melody and Lyric have not met each other since their groups disintegrated three years ago. The tragedy came, the two sisters had no other way but to face each other again.

Harmony withdrew from the spotlight there was a simple life in the suburbs with her new husband, a child star. Harmony wanted to become a wife and mother, but when the news of her mother’s sudden death forced her sisters to come back together. She faced the painful past she wanted to forget.

Melody abandoned her sisters to pursue a solo career and a rich superstar traveling around the world. She bought anything she wanted and lived in the spotlight. Her fans worship her. As soon as she was about to start her one -night tour, the news of her mother’s death disturbed her plan. She faced something that all her money could not erase – her sisters and her past.

Lyric also has his own life. She lives for a hustle and night life and does anything to be noticed. When she received the news of the death of her mother, the painful past of Lyric and the reunion of her wishes to her sisters made her fall into a vortex.

Will the love of the love will let the past hurt, lie and deceive to destroy them or they will abandon all the past, still a happy family?

Invite you to follow the next development of the fascinating book 1 Night Stand – Love Sisters Series.

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