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Dune is a classic literature fiction novel. It is written by Frank Herbert. He is best known for his Dune science fiction novel series and the subject novel is its first chapter with the same title. Dune Messiah and Hellstrom’s Hive are two of his best novels which have great followership even till this day.

The narration of this novel is done by Scott Brick in the lead. The supporting cast include Orlagh Cassidy, Simon Vance, Euan Morton and Ilyana Kadushin. There were mixed reviews for the supporting cast while playing a few characters. However, the inconsistencies didn’t caused a big issue for the listeners, but still, it could have been better.

The novel is set in the Arrakis planet. Dune is actually a story of Paul Atreides who is a fine young boy. He would later go on to become Maud’dib, a mysterious man. He has the desire to bring the most ancient and unattainable dream of the humankind to fruition.

The novel is an outstanding mix of mysticism and adventure. It is also a stunning blend of politics and environmentalism. Dune managed to form the basis of what we know today as one of the greatest science fiction epic of all time.

If you are not a science fiction fan then this novel could be a good one to start with and make you a lifelong fan of the genre. 

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