Free Online Audiobook – Star Wars: Light of the Jedi | The High Republic By Charles Soule

Star Wars: Light of the Jedi is a gene fiction novel. The book is a chapter out of the Star Wars, Star Wars: The High Republic novel series. It is written by Charles Soule. He is a novelist, comic book writer, attorney and musician as well. He is best known for writing multiple Star Wars books. The Oracle Year is the most popular novel which came out of the pen of Charles Soule. Another book that is equally popular from Charles Soule is Anyone.

The narration of this novel is done by Marc Thompson. He is a very experienced narrator and his performance really made this audiobook so much nice to the years. The listeners mainly had all the good things to stay about the narrator and his performance in this book.

It is the golden age. The intrepid hyperspace scouts went on to expand the entire reach of the Republic. It all stretched towards the furthest stars. The different worlds tend to flourish right under the Senate’s leadership ad it became the place where peace reigned. It was enforced by the strength and wisdom of the order of Force which was commonly known as Jedi. Jedi then was at the height of power and with that, the citizens of the galaxy were all quite confident with their abilities to counter any sort of storm. But, the situation here is that the brightest light is big enough to cast a definite shadow. There could be some other storms as well which would defy any sort of preparations.

The only issue with this book is that it is slow-paced and take time to pick the speed. Otherwise, you will love it for the story and the character development. The vocal performance by Marc Thompson was quite special as well.

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