(Free Online Audiobook) The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes By Suzanne Collins

Hunger games’ episode is not new in fiction but the ambitious fights and the hard work for success always force us to listen to the tale carefully. Authors like Suzanne Collins never lose their hold on the stories and the fans get addicted to the enthusiastic material that is fed to their brains. 

Time for the tenth Hunger Games has arrived when Santino Fontana starts the narration, for the mighty house of Snow everything now depends on the performance of the eighteen year old. Coriolanus Snow the hardworking boy knows what is at stake and he desperately wants to be the mentor of the game. This is the only way through which the house of Snow will regain its lost glory. 

The problem is that luck has not been favoring Coriolanus right from the beginning or perhaps someone is trying to keep him down from the start. He is mentoring the female tribute which is not only an insult for him but it also makes his chances of progress grimmer.

 No chance for him is left apparently to get the position of the mentor but again the eighteen year old has not entered the game for failure. He has been training hard for this time and now finally he has the chance in life to prove what he is truly made of. Attractive just like The Hunger Games: Special Edition and Catching Fire and it is hard to say for any of the Hunger Games’ episodes that it is better than the previous. 

Every part is a classic addition in the world of fiction and each part at the climax can make your head go round in anticipation.


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