Free Online Audiobook – The End of the Affair By Graham Greene

The End of the Affair is a novel by author Graham Greene. He is the Oscar-winning author of Colin Firth for this fine novel. The novel deals with Greene’s relationship with married women, seeing religion as a key factor in the turmoil and devastation outside of his life.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The End of the Affair audiobook by Doug – Audible

Late to the Party…

I’ve had so many people here at Audible recommend Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair that, on some subconscious level, I think I made it a point of contention not to listen. That is until I was faced with a family vacation that required a lengthy car ride with my folks; at which point, my mother selected Greene’s captivating story of love, obsession, and faith on the basis of Colin Firth’s name alone. And, truly, Firth dazzles here; his voice a roller coaster of rage and resentment when faced with the scorn of a lover and the incredulity of God’s existence, but delicate and poignant for moments when yearning feels like a tangible thing you can touch. For over six hours, we sat in silence, rapt. I may be late to the party, but this audiobook deserves every bit of praise it’s received.

Review 2: The End of the Affair audiobook by Doggy Bird

Excellent performance of Graham Greene classic

I bought this book quite a while ago but was moved to listen by a great customer review. Colin Firth, one of my favorite actors is truly an outstanding reader. He made this book a real listening experience. I can’t say enough about his excellent expression and ability to bring the narrator’s character and his emotions to life. This is a difficult book, it is full of strong emotions and demanding questions and it could easily be misread. I was drawn into the book immediately and captured entirely by the narration. This is a terrific example of a good book enhanced even further by a great reading. The themes of love and hate, death and faith are so weighty yet so well served by such a thoughtful performance.

Review 3: The End of the Affair audiobook by Karen Downes

Colin whispers in my ear, and I melt

To my shame I have never before read “The End of the Affair”. To my joy my first experience of Graham Greene’s extraordinary words was with the performance of Colin Firth. I have, for better or worse, begun to restrict myself to only a few narrators. Those voices, so intimate, like a lover in my ears. Listening to another can feel … wrong, disloyal. As Colin speaks he inhabits the dejection of the abandoned lover, the hopeless innocence of the cuckolded and the faint quaver of the loved. Greene created a core of desperate longing entwined in a mystery. Colin’s performance is compelling, evoking a searing honesty. His female voice is perfect; Colin chooses a modulation of his own, avoiding a character and thus striping further that naked, fragile honesty. I am unsure as yet, how I feel about the fourth and final act of the novel, merely because a theme jars with my own atheism. I easily forgive that mild uncertainty in thanks for the moment early in the third when my breath caught: and Colin and Graham took me somewhere…unexpected.

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