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The Others is a science novel by author Jeremy Robinson. The story is about a private investigator. When it comes to finding cheating spouses, corporate thieves, or runaway youths, he’s unenthusiastic. He has lost interest in his work since his wife died 5 years ago. The disappearance from his mother from the cottage is the mystery that Jeremy Robinson is tracking.

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Review 1: The Others audiobook by Breezybealle

Action packed humor

There’s so much to like about this book. The story is a bit cray-cray, but in a humorous adventure sort of way. It starts out relatively serious with Dan Delgado and his “elderly” (I use the term very loosely) assistant searching for a missing child, then turns into an all out cluster#$%. The characters are phenomenal… we should all have a Winnie in our lives! But I like Lindo, the Uber driver just as much, if not more.

R.C. Bray has an uncanny ability to portray the perfect tone in any character he reads, but in this particular instance its almost as if the story was written specifically to cater to his natural sarcasm. They could not have found a better fit.

Listeners beware, however. About halfway through Audible chapter 19 (verbally chapter 17, I think) the audio starts back at the beginning. it seems to only last the last half of that section, but I don’t know if you miss any of the actual recording. When the next chapter starts, it seems to pick back up again.

Other than that, quite worthy of a credit.

Review 2: The Others audiobook by Brian

The Others Didn’t Disappoint

My favorite sci-fi books are the ones that seem believable, those that are based on a premise (like aliens). Books that seems a bit out there but are so well done you occasionally forget that you’re reading fiction. They’re so unsettling that you get a bit nervous. Jeremy Robinson’s novel The Others is one of those books.

The Others combines all of the things that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up a bit with a unique take on alien origins, a pinch of corruption, great imagery detailing the landscape of the southwest, and a number of honorable people determined to find answers and protect the ones they care about most in this world.

Robinson drew me in right away with his characterization of private investigator Dan Delgado and his elderly (yet feisty) longtime assistant Wini. Both characters are immediately likable. They are fiercely loyal to each other and have secrets that create some intrigue, a trend that continues throughout the book as additional characters are introduced.

The Others opens with an apparent abduction that felt different from a stereotypical alien abduction and had me wondering if I was being duped. Was it a parental kidnapping, trafficking, or something otherworldly? What was the motive? Where is the child? The answers to these questions come slowly as the story progresses, with a thickening plot and building mystery.

RC Bray’s narration was as I’ve come to expect from him–spot on. His tone and pace paired well with the book’s first-person narrative and was a great fit for The Others’ protagonist, Dan.

If you’re searching for a story about short (or extremely tall), grey extraterrestrials with disproportionately large heads, huge black eyes, and flying saucers, this book is not for you. If you’re interested in a fresh take on aliens, with a healthy dose of conspiracy, a trafficking ring with connections to a fundamentalist cult, and some unlikely do-gooders to cheer on (along with your obvious hero, the private investigator), take a listen, I don’t think The Others will disappoint.

Review 3: The Others audiobook by J. Michael Riley

Good Story, Great Narration!

Cattle mutilations, black helicopters, UFOs, little grey men with bug eyes, black unmarked SUVs; must be aliens! Sure, that’s what it is … aliens. Just keep thinking that. The hero is a retired cop, now a P.I. on a missing persons case, looking for a missing little girl. A little undocumented girl. Bummer. Her mom says – wait! Her mom is missing too? Oh, no! Crazy driving, hot lead gun battles, close escapes, mind games, false leads, mysterious cell-phone calls, mind-controlled zombie cultists, close escapes … oh, I mentioned that before? Well there are LOTs of close escapes. Maybe, uh, too may? Where’s the kid? Oh, lots of kids? Where are they? Who’s got ’em? Why? Why are there black, unmarked SUVs chasing him? Why are there unmarked black helicopters chasing him? Why are there UFOs with little green men – uh, GREY men – chasing him? Why does his head ache so bad? Lots of action. A new kinda idea about UFOs. Interesting characters. Would be a five-star rating except for too many miraculous escapes. The narration by R. C. Bray is fantastic. I LOVE this guy’s voice. I could listen to him all day – oh, wait, I DO listen to him all day! He has the quintessential world-weary cop/soldier voice, and terrific alternative voices for portraying kids, women, zombie cultists, and aliens. Three thumbs up! Recommended! (Mike Riley)

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