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The Rook is the first novel in The Checky Files series by author Daniel O’Malley. Myfanwy Thomas wakes up in London park surrounded by dead bodies. As her memory fades, she hopes to trust the instructions in her pocket to survive. She quickly learns that she is Rook, a high-ranking agent in a secret agency that protects the world from superhuman threats. Someone wants Miss Myfanwy Thomas dead, what do you do to survive…

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Rook A Novel audiobook by A reader

Harry Dresden meets English bureaucracy

This was unexpectedly excellent. There are so many elements that you would think would seem trite for the genre – the main character has amnesia, the setting involves modern supernatural forces, lots of funny banter, etc. – but it all comes together expertly in a way that seems very fresh. In The Rook, he amnesia concept has an interesting twist, the modern supernatural elements are unique (not many vampires or werewolves), and the humor is occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. And, as for the set-up, think Harry Dresden (but less dark and conflicted) or the Charlie Stross’s Laundry series (but less satirical), and you’ll get the general idea – the world is full of scary forces, and our heroine, along with a government agency, has to kill, out-maneuver, or out-think them.

The plot zips along, the writing is just excellent, and the characters are fun and compelling. This is not a particularly deep book, but it is a really well done supernatural-political-workplace drama that I can’t wait to see more of. The details of the plot don’t need spoiling, but I highly recommend this, especially to Dresden or Laundry fans.

The only caveat is that the reader takes a few hours to get used to, though she improves as she goes. The early part of the book seems to be read in short phrases, with odd spacings and a questioning rising note in the middle of many sentences. The accents are pleasant, though, and by half-way through you won’t notice any issues, and, in any case, it doesn’t undermine the book.

Review 2: The Rook A Novel audiobook by Moon

A fantastic story from beginning to end

I will definitely listen to this book more than once. From the first few minutes I was sure it would become one of my favorites.
The array of accents Susan Duerden perfectly performed was impressive, and she made each character come to life. I agree with another reviewer that the lack of a love story made this book even better. The dry, sarcastic humor kept me chuckling and the action-packed scenes were wonderfully balanced with the intermittent letters from Thomas to herself. It had a relatively complex plot that was fun to follow and twists and turns that I never would’ve expected.
I would recommend this to any paranormal mystery fan, especially fans of The Dresden Files. The humor is very much the same and I came to think of Thomas as the female equivalent of Dresden. I can’t wait to see what Daniel O’Malley comes up with next!

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Review 3: The Rook A Novel audiobook by Lydia

Can’t get past the narrator

This is the first time I’ve ever returned a book on audible – the narration was completely horrid – I could not focus on the content at all because of the weird sing-song cadence of the narrator. Every sentence was just an arpeggio – with her voice going up and down with each syllable. I have no idea how people gave the performance anything above one star. It’s completely bizarre.

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