Free Online Audiobook | The Trouble with Peace By Joe Abercrombie

The Trouble with Peace is the second book in the series The Age of Madness by famous author Joe Abercrombie. This is the bestselling series of fiction guru Joe Abercrombie. Savine dan Glokta is a power investor in Adua.

He finds his judgment, wealth, and reputation deteriorating. But her ambitions are unstoppable. For the heroes Leo dan Brock and Stour Nightfall, happy slowly drawn from the swords, peace to end as soon as possible.

What they need to gather allies, with the help of Rikke and Long Eye. Unstable worms invade all walks of life. The Breakers lurk in the dark, freeing the common man from their shackles. We invite you to watch the next development of this fascinating book.

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