(Free Online Audiobook) The Vanishing Half By Brit Bennett

The Vanishing Half stood as the Number one in the New York Times bestselling list. It is also a pick from the Good Morning America Book Club. The author of this is Brit Bennet, whose writing style and tone recalls that of Jacqueline Woodson and James Baldwin who were both the best in their league. The author’s unique style of writing makes her so special. The Mothers is another novel that depicts the uniqueness of the author in the fictional domain.

The Mother is a stunning new novel that revolves around the lives of twin sisters who were inseparable all through their childhood but ultimately choose to live their lives in two completely different worlds.

Shayna Small sounded beautiful in the capacity of the narrator of this book. You will never get bored even for a second while listening to this gem. Guaranteed!

The story of the Vignes twin sisters is quite enjoyable with many twists in their lives. They grew up together in the Southern Black community and ran away at the age of 16. It was not only the type of their lives that were different as adults, but it was just about everything, including their families, racial identities, and communities.

 Many years later, one of the twin sisters was back in the same Southern town with her black daughter from where she tried to escape once. The other one got married to a white man secretly and her spouse had no idea about her past. Even after separated by distance and many lies, the fates of both the sisters remained intertwined. Now the question is what will be in store for the next generation when the story of their daughters intersect?

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