Free Online Audiobook – White Hot By Ilona Andrews

White Hot is a romance fantasy novel. It is the second chapter of the Hidden Legacy (Andrews) series. The book is authored by Ilona Andrews. If you are looking for the most popular novel so far by Ilona Andrews then Magic Bites is the book for you to try. The Magic Bleeds novel could provide you with an equally exciting experience.

The narration of this volume is handled by Renee Raudman. The voice of Renee had a little bit of lisp which actually ruined the characters that she played. On top of that, her voice also sound too old for the different characters that she played in this audiobook.

Nevada Baylor is blessed with a secret and a unique skill. She knows it very well when anybody is lying and she has employed that magic in order to keep her detective agency of her family afloat. But, her new case was very daunting which actually pits her right against the shadowy powers which nearly destructed the Houston city once before as well. Al this brought Nevada into the contact of Connor Rogan. He is a billionaire and also the highest rank known for a magic user. He is unreadable as ever before which was despite all the great talent of Nevada. There is no secret about the sparks igniting between both of them. The stakes this time both personally and professionally are very high for them and their enemies are powerful too.

The author in this novel created a beautiful fictional world with strong and larger than life characters. You will have a good time with this audiobook where there was room for improvement for the narrator.

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