Free Online – Trapping Zero | An Agent Zero Spy Thriller Book 4 By Jack Mars

Trapping Zero is the fourth book in the An Agent Zero Spy Thriller series by famous author Jack Mars. A terrorist cell in the Mideast has a new leader, someone intent on staging a deadly attack on America. Will CIA agent Zero uncover the secret and stop this plot? We invite you to watch this wonderful story.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Trapping Zero audiobook by Wanda

Narration was not good

Loved the story however, the voice of the narrator in this book did not give life to the characters. It made Agent Zero sound weak. I liked the narration of the earlier books in the series. I would love to read about Maya’s adventures as an agent. Keep up the good writing and please go back to your book 3 narrator.

Review 2: Trapping Zero audiobook by Kris

narrator change affected my experience

I’m sure there was good reason for the narrator change 3 books in, but it affected and changed the characters for me. Main characters went from cool to nerdy sounding.

Review 3: Trapping Zero audiobook by shelley


I was very happy to see the fourth book in the Kent Steele series. I was also very disappointed to see that Edoardo Ballerini was not the narrator. I think Brian Callanan did a good job except for the female characters who all spoke haltingly and sounded almost robotic.
Anyway, the story itself is excellent. This one involves a small terrorist group separate from any of the well known extremists groups but with the same agenda, only they want to create the worst attack in history. Wiith help coming from inside the US they have a chance of succeeding.
Meanwhile, Kent Steele is having flashbacks. He goes to Zurich to find the doctor who was responsible for his memory loss. He finds him and the doctor attempts to help him retrieve what was lost. It gets a little hokey here and this whole part could have been left out. On the street he’s recruited back into active CIA service never knowing that he’s being set up. From this point on the action really starts and builds right up to it’s explosive ending.
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